Hi, My name is Melissa. The creator of Making Lemonade.

But you can call me Miss.

Ever since high school, I have struggled with stomach issues. Through medical tests, my own research, and a few dozen doctor's visits we settled on calling it IBS. In search of more knowledge and relief, I have explored and ventured down A LOT of different paths over the years. From doctors, naturopath and, physiotherapists visits to internet searches and Instagram follows. From unpalatable almond flour pastries to mouthwatering-can't-put-down-give-me-more low FODMAP bread. Some avenues have helped; others, not so much.

I created Making Lemonade to share my story and my journey with others that may be going through the same thing. Whether it is recommendations for delicious gluten-free bread or professionals that can help improve your every day, I am just here to share all I can to hopefully make a positive change in your life.

IBS sucks. No doubt about it. But when life gives you lemons, sometimes you just have to start

Making Lemonade.